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Fuji Women's Blossom Gi & Belt - white


Women's Fuji Blossom uniform, white

FUJI's Blossom is a beautiful gi that features cherry blossom designs on both shoulders and contrast stitching.

  • Mid-weight 550g Traditional Weave Gi Jacket
  • Tapered Jacket with Shorter Arms for Women
  • Cotton Twill Pants with Smaller Waistline & Cotton Drawstring
  • FUJI Premium Cotton Blend
  • IBJJF, NABJJF, and UAEJJ Approved

Note:  Gracie Humaita patches need to be purchased separately.

MSRP $109.95 when purchased directly from the Fuji website

All sizes can be purchased through the academy. Your size can be ordered and available in just a few days if it is not available from the academy's inventory.

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Free Trial

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