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Program Affiliations

In addition to our academy, there are two schools affiliated with Leake BJJ that may be closer to your location. Professor Leake also makes regular visits to each of these schools to provide seminars.

 Rogue Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -- Harrison, AR 

Ozark Mountain Brazlian Jiu Jitsu -- Marshfield, MO


We highly respect and honor veterans and believe that jiu jitsu is a valuable aspect of ongoing fitness training and can be a great asset to any veteran who has suffered injuries.  Leake BJJ is proud to be an approved training facility of the We Defy foundation!  We also support #mission22.

In addition to offering a 50% discount to our first responders, we are proud to participate in the Adopt-a-Cop program! We firmly believe in the importance of equipping our first responders with the training they need to be safe and effective as they protect our community. #webacktheblue

Free Trial

Free Trial

We believe that everyone needs jiu jitsu in their life, but we also know that choosing the right academy is extremely important.  We invite you to come visit for a free trial to see if our Leake BJJ family is the right fit for you.

Thanks! We are excited to connect as you explore the next step in your jiu jitsu journey!