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Jon Fields

Jon Fields photo Jon Fields
  • Purple Belt - 1 Stripe

Jon Fields is one of the children’s class instructors. He has been training at Leake BJJ for more than 2 years, where he earned his blue belt under professor Mike Leake. In addition to coaching our youth program, he is frequently in classes working hard to continue improving his own jiu jitsu skills. Jon is also a competitor and has tested his personal skills in tournaments, where he earned a Gold medal in Gi in April 2022 and two Silver medals in September 2022 in Gi and No-Gi. As a father, Jon understands how important and beneficial jiu jitsu is for our youth and enjoys working to help them learn and grow. Jon is an instrumental part of the jiu jitsu journey for our kids.

Free Trial

Free Trial

We believe that everyone needs jiu jitsu in their life, but we also know that choosing the right academy is extremely important.  We invite you to come visit for a free trial to see if our Leake BJJ family is the right fit for you.

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