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Jeremy Pinegar

Jeremy Pinegar photo Jeremy Pinegar
  • Blue Belt

Jeremy has been a member of the Nixa community for more than 20 years as well as a valuable member of our Leake BJJ family. He started training jiu jitsu with Professor Leake in 2008. Over the past 15 years he wasn't able to attend classes consistently, but his love for jiu jitsu has never waivered and he has continued to work toward improving his skills. As a dedicated dad, Jeremy has shared his love of jiu jitsu with his kids, Harper and Audrey, who participate in our youth program.

Free Trial

Free Trial

We believe that everyone needs jiu jitsu in their life, but we also know that choosing the right academy is extremely important.  We invite you to come visit for a free trial to see if our Leake BJJ family is the right fit for you.

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